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121marinepayments are the only specialist international payment service provider for yacht charters, boat purchases and all other international leisure and travel industries.

Companies operating in these markets can easily add our secure payment function onto their website allowing their customers to pay via electronic bank transfer or credit/debit card 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Funds are quickly and securely transferred directly to the recipient, without additional charges to either sender or receiver and our amazing exchange rates will mean that your customers are getting the very best deal possible every time they do business with you.

If you are a customer looking to purchase a boat or pay for a yacht charter or similar, you can register as an individual customer with 121marinepayments and we will be happy to advise and assist you to ensure you get the best foreign exchange rate possible.  Simply click HERE to register now or complete our ENQUIRY form and an advisor will call you back.

By using our specialist services, we aim to reduce your purchase/charter costs by as much as 5% by providing you with better exchange rates than your existing bank and a fee free service.  If you have multiple currency accounts, we can also advise you on the optimum choice to minimise your expenses as well as lock in a fixed future exchange rate for when payments are due to your contractor.

We will enable you to secure the very best currency rate for your valuable purchase and ensure the funds are securely delivered swiftly and seamlessly to your contractor.

We can assist in the exchange of over 100 currencies with all transactions taking place via our UK FCA registered and worldwide regulated partner to ensure complete financial security.

We can also set up recurring international payments for ongoing costs such as operations, maintenance or repairs.

We look forward to assisting both parties in your purchase or charter by providing the best value and best service that you would expect on such an important international purchase.

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